Wanna Netflix + Binge?

Picture it… all of your friends are either sick or on a date, or if you’re like me, just avoiding human contact.  You need something to do to kill the time and the latest book you picked up from the library just isn’t cutting it anymore… What’s a girl to do?  Netflix and chill binge of course!  I don’t necessarily need a legit reason to binge, but if you’re one of those people who does…

There is always a reason to put on your most comfortable sweats, eat junk food, and just, well… binge!

  • A new season of your fave show just came out… I binge OINTB every June and typically finish it within a week of its release. I know, I’m a total noob and don’t finish within the weekend. Props to you Felicias who can.
  • It’s a super cas’ date night.  No, I’m not talking about that “Netflix and chill” crap that kids talk about these days.  Like, you’re super comfortable with your SO and all y’all wanna do is watch a new show on Netflix, binge on my friends.
  • You’ve had a long week at work. Girl, get you some wine and some junk food.  You do you, boo.  No judgement.
  • It’s GIRLS NIGHT! So I know a bunch of people who have watch parties on nights their favorite TV show come out on regular tv, like Scandal, or whatever else is on these days… why not do it with Netflix too! Best part? NO COMMERCIALS 😉
  • Finally, it’s like the worst reason to be having a binge, but what else is a girl to do when you’re posted up in bed sick as a dog?  Drink that OJ and eat some chicken soup and binge on sista!

Here are just a few recommendations I have for when you wanna have a binge… There are no 1 season, 10 episode shows here*.  #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

  • Orange is the New Black (5 seasons, ~10 episodes/season)
  • Grey’s Anatomy (13 seasons, ~24 episodes/season)
  • Gilmore Girls (7 seasons, 22 episodes/season)
  • Friday Night Lights (5 seasons, 10+ episodes/season)
  • Stranger Things (1 season, 17 episodes SEASON 2 COMES OUT IN TWO MONTHS!)* This is the exception to the 10-episoder because this show is just that great!

What are your favorite shows to binge on Netflix?  What are your essentials when binging?

4 thoughts on “Wanna Netflix + Binge?

  1. Fav Netflix Shows:
    How to Get Away With Murder****MUST****
    Bates Motel
    Parks & Rec
    Young & Hungry

    Netflix is amaaaaazing!

    1. I started watching HTGAWM last year, or maybe the year before, and kinda fell off of it. I may need to have a refresher! Anything by Shonda Rimes is always good though 🙂

  2. I’m very guilty of Netflix and bingeing…
    -The Office
    -Criminal Minds
    -New Girl
    -American Horror Story
    -Stranger Things
    -Bates Motel
    -The OA
    ….just to name a few….

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