8 Helpful Tips for the New Dog Mom/Dad

So you just rescued a four-legged baby… CONGRATULATIONS!  I don’t have two-legged kids of my own yet, but I will say rescuing our sweet Oakley, a lab mix, four months ago was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Taking care of this sweet boy is the most rewarding experience!  Here are a few helpful tips for those considering rescuing a dog, or even an experienced dog parent looking for some life hacks.

  • Keep treats and food in sealable containers or bins.  Even get some matchy-matchy cute ones that go with your home decor.
  • Invest in a good toy box/pen/basket that’s cute to look at AND your little babe will love.
  • Keep all of the vet records, etc in one folder and in a safe place.  Dogs are just like children – you need to keep up with their doctor visits and stuff, too!
  • Put all of the grooming supplies in one bucket/basket.  This will save you the headache later when you go to bathe him/her.
  • Stain + odor remover and potty pads are your friend!  Enough said.
  • Always keep an extra, designated peanut butter jar for the dog.  Oakley just LOVES being able to get a little spoonful of PB every once in a while.  The PB also goes well with one of those everlasting treat toys, or a KONG.
  • Pay the $65 to register your dog as an “emotional support animal.”  It is illegal for landlords to refuse to rent you.* (Disclosure: I am not an expert to this, so actually do your research prior to going off on a potential landlord ;))
  • You are ultimately going to raise your dog, just like a child, how you want.  No YouTube video, book, or other individuals can teach you that special bond that you and your pup will share.  Skyler and Oakley have a completely different bond and relationship than Oakley and I do.

Dog parenthood is very similar to regular parenthood, at least I am assuming… it’s all trial-and-error.  Just because these tips have worked for us with Oakley, doesn’t mean they will work for you.  Tweak the tips to fit you and your pup’s lifestyle and let me know what has worked for you or even share your tips for those considering getting a four-legged baby.

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  1. Good point on the “emotional support animal” thing. I never even thought of that! Tyler and I just moved into an apartment and it was harder than heck to find a nice apartment that allowed cats. If we ever move again (hoping our next move is into our own house) I’ll definitely keep that in mind!

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