Mrs. JJ Watt – Two Years Later

Hey y’all!  Happy Monday!

I just love going on my Timehop and Facebook apps everyday to see what happened a year or five ago, don’t you?  This morning when I checked my phone, this little beauty of a blog post came up when I was under WordPress hosting at Becoming O’Connell.  I still love me some JJ Watt and I am still waiting for a phone call to be his assistant… I’ll keep y’all posted, but until then, enjoy this trip down memory lane!

Dear Justin James Watt of Pewaukee, Wisconsin,

First and foremost, if you are reading this – HI! You’re awesome and you’re one of my favorite football players – ever. </end fangirl moment>  While this “letter” is titled me thinking “I would make the perfect Mrs. JJ Watt,” this is actually not the case because I am happily committed to my relationship with my boyfriend, Skyler – who also is a big fan of yours.  I am writing this “letter” to inform you that while I may not be available as a girlfriend/wife/etc., I am totally open to being a confidant, friend, assistant, etc.

Here are just a few reasons as to why I am qualified to be your friend, assistant, etc.:
  • We’re both Aries! That’s just a point in itself needing no further explanation.
  • I’ve seen on the Internet you have a home in Pearland.  I went to school and resided there for seven years and there is a strong possibility I will move back there if I ever find a job (hook me up, please).
  • We both love football, obviously. Especially high school – GO OILERS (class of 2010)!
  • We are both family-oriented.
  • We both have tattoos in memory our late-grandfathers, who both served in the Korean War (saw your tweet).
  • I don’t think money and fame are the most important things in the world. You’re a normal human being, just like me.  You just happen to make money doing what you love… no big deal.  I will, too, one day.
While all the girls are super excited hearing that you are trying to find the right Mrs. Watt, I appreciate your efforts in making your career top priority.  If you ever need an assistant to handle any of your needs, personal or professional, I’m your gal!  I have listed my qualifications below:
  • Recent graduate from Sam Houston State University; BBA in General Business with a minor in Psychology
  • I can maintain confidentiality regarding any personal and/or professional matter
  • I think you’re a pretty cool dude because you like doing the sweetest things for your fans
  • I understand the game of football and would love to work for the NFL one day
  • I can handle your social media appearance, if the position ever opens up
  • I prefer being at home catching up on my favorite shows rather than going out
  • I can totally help you find the right Mrs. Watt, although, I don’t have any connections to do it, but I am a GREAT judge of character
  • Sidenote: I think your mom is the absolute greatest (even though, I only know of her through TV commercials and Instagram pictures)

In conclusion, Mr. Watt, I think you’re a pretty awesome dude – it’s just a bonus you’re a professional football player.  I would be honored to be the perfect friend, confidant, assistant, etc. to the one and only JJ Watt, that is, if you ever have an opening in your squad/entourage.

PS – I wrote this “letter” with the intention of (the slim-to-none chance) you seeing this and the hope you grace me with your presence and work for you.  If there is no immediate need of my services, which I am sure there is not, a picture and conversation with you will suffice. 😉