Ten Things You NEED to Tell Yourself Daily

To start off this week, I’m going to get a little personal with y’all… As some of you may know, I struggle with a mental illness.  I find it harder to cope with everyday life on a daily basis compared to most mentally healthy adults.  These affirmations remind me that God would not throw something my way if He did not think I could handle it.  Say these affirmations to yourself out loud every day, write them down, and post them somewhere you will see them.

  1. I AM enough.
  2. I AM unique.
  3. I AM relentless.
  4. I AM in control.
  5. I AM successful in everything I do.
  6. I AM important.
  7. I HAVE unshakeable faith.
  8. I WILL make my dreams come true.
  9. I LET GO of all negativity that rests in my body and mind.
  10. I WILL NOT give up.
If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Call the Crisis Call Center if you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to a close friend or family member.  Their lines are open 24/7/365.
Call: (775) 784-8090
Text: “ANSWER” to 839863

Sorry to get a little Debbie Downer today, but mental illness should not be such a taboo subject.  I am always willing to discuss the various types of illnesses, my experience, and even just be an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.

Have a great rest of your week, y’all!

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