Cheap Summer Date Ideas

Summertime is winding down to a much anticipated close.  (Can I get an amen if you’re more stoked than I am for fall?!)  If you and your beau are rolling on a budget like Skyler and I are, or you’re just looking for something to do other than your routine dinner and a movie date night, look no further!  Some of the items below do cost a little bit more money than others, but the experience that goes along with the date is SO worth it… trust me. 🙂

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Wanna Netflix + Binge?

Picture it… all of your friends are either sick or on a date, or if you’re like me, just avoiding human contact.  You need something to do to kill the time and the latest book you picked up from the library just isn’t cutting it anymore… What’s a girl to do?  Netflix and chill binge of course!  I don’t necessarily need a legit reason to binge, but if you’re one of those people who does…

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Best Beach Reads – Summer 2017

Beach season is almost over (boo…)!  For the few weeks that are left, you should really consider putting your face into a good book, and not that smartphone you’re always playing on, while working on your tan – which you better wear lots of sunscreen because ain’t nobody got time for skin cancer.  Onto the best beach reads for the summer! Read more

Currently + August Goals

Y’all… how is it already August 1?  This year has absolutely flown by for me and I feel like I haven’t accomplished much this year (anyone else?).  August is going to be one of my busiest months this year — I’m launching this blog (today! WOOHOO!), it’s peak registration time at work, and Skyler and I are in the early stages of buying a house.  Whew, Lord Jesus, give me strength to make it through the month with all my sanity… and my hair! 😉

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