Mrs. JJ Watt – Two Years Later

Hey y’all!  Happy Monday!

I just love going on my Timehop and Facebook apps everyday to see what happened a year or five ago, don’t you?  This morning when I checked my phone, this little beauty of a blog post came up when I was under WordPress hosting at Becoming O’Connell.  I still love me some JJ Watt and I am still waiting for a phone call to be his assistant… I’ll keep y’all posted, but until then, enjoy this trip down memory lane!

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101 in 1001

Two and a half years ago, I came across Mackenzie Horan’s blog post for 101 things in 1001 days.  Similar to a bucket list, this is a list of 101 things I intend to complete in 2.75 years.  My original list on Becoming O’Connell was due to end this October; however, I wanted a fresh list, but some of these items are copied from it… coming up with 101 was a struggle, y’all!

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Currently + August Goals

Y’all… how is it already August 1?  This year has absolutely flown by for me and I feel like I haven’t accomplished much this year (anyone else?).  August is going to be one of my busiest months this year — I’m launching this blog (today! WOOHOO!), it’s peak registration time at work, and Skyler and I are in the early stages of buying a house.  Whew, Lord Jesus, give me strength to make it through the month with all my sanity… and my hair! 😉

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